Universal Rapid Wall Charger from Renegade Cases Review

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Who can’t use another charger? I like to have one in every room, if possible, and even have a spare one at work (have to use a charger because our USB ports are locked down).

That’s why I’m pleased to review the Universal Rapid Wall Charger from Renegade Cases.

This charger functions well. It’s a bit larger than most you’ll see included with a phone, but it’s not so large that it blocks a second outlet, so this is not a problem.

What I like about this charger is the red ring (I call it the bling ring) which is lit whenever the device is charging, and goes out whenever the device is fully charged. This eliminates having to check your device repeatedly to see if it’s charged. So it’s bling, but it’s functional bling and a great idea.

Don’t want to forget the included 5 foot charging cable (which one can never have too many of). The first time I plugged it in, I did receive a message that said it’s not certified and may not work reliably with my iPhone. I only saw the message once, so I’m not concerned about it. Heck, I’ve received the same message with Apple’s cables before. Probably just needed to reboot the phone.

I will continue to use this item and update this review, if necessary.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.