QQPOW 2 in 1 Cable Review

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I was surprised and intrigued when I saw the QQPOW 2 in 1 Cable. A cable that can charge both Android AND iPhones? Seriously interested! Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last long. Why? I can’t charge my iPhone 6S Plus with this while it’s still in the Otterbox case because the connector base is too wide (I ALWAYS keep my iPhone in a case…the replacement cost is just too much for me not to). I did briefly remove my iPhone from the case and tried charging it, and it did work. I was also able to use it on my old MotoX while it was still in that Otterbox case (a positive there). I let it charge for over an hour, and the charging rate seemed quite slow. After an hour, it had only increased the charge by 15-20% (I have an item on order that will be able to tell me the charge rate…I’ll update if needed). It’s a great idea, a neat conversation piece, and okay to use for an emergency charge if you don’t have another cable handy, but I don’t recommend this item for everyday use at this time.

I received this item for free for an honest, unbiased review.