FOCUSAIRY Expanding Water Hose Review


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I had to throw out our previous garden hose and was in the market for a new one when I stumbled across this Focusairy expanding hose. I’ve been curious about these expanding water hoses, so decided I’d test it out. The hose works well. I like how it expands, then contracts to a manageable size when finished. It holds the pressure well and does not kink (huge bonus).

There are two reasons why I’m deducting a star in my review:
1. The smell. I don’t know why, but this hose has a horrible odor. Perhaps it’s due to the manufacturing process and/or the materials used. Either way, it just stinks. It even rubbed off onto my hands whenever I was using it. I had to wash my hands several times to get the odor to go away. Since both my wife and I have asthma and are sensitive to some strong odors, this is a very big deal. BTW, this did not set me off in an asthma attack and I’ve not had my wife around it out of an abundance of caution.
2. The included spray nozzle is plastic and feels very flimsy. I’m not confident it will last very long.

Make sure you read the instructions and precautions carefully. Failing to do so could reduce the usability and lifespan of this product.

I received this item at a discounted price for an honest, unbiased review.