Honey Land Honeycomb Review


I love honey and a honeycomb is even sweeter. It had been a long time since I had an actual honeycomb, but this Honey Land Raw Honeycomb is so delicious. It took a little getting used to eating the comb part again, but I’ve devoured about half of this so far. I’m trying to pace myself because I’ve read eating too much at once can cause gastrointestinal blockage, and I definitely don’t need that.

I received this item at a reduced cost in exchange for an honest review.


Gidli Jar Opener Review


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My wife has had difficulty opening jars, bottles and cans for several years. So when I received the Gidli Jar Opener & 5-In-1 Multi-Opener Set, she made the perfect test subject. We started with a bottle of water: easy open. Next item; easy open. And so on and so on. We actually ran out of stuff for her to open! I also torqued down a few lids; easy open. We’ve tried an electric jar/bottle opener, and it’s just too awkward to use. This was very easy to use. My wife enthusiastically told me to give this product five stars. After seeing the joy she experienced by being able to open everything by herself, a five star review was an easy decision.

I received this item at a discount in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.