QICENT Charging Station Review

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We’ve been using the QICENT Charging Station for charging our devices at night. It’s nice to have one place to plug everything into and not need multiple plugs (and iPad wall warts) in a power strip. Everything gets neatly plugged into this dock. It seems to have good charging speed and a nice design.
I do have a couple of issues with this device. First, the space provided to cradle the phone is not wide enough for our iPhones with Otterbox cases. Perhaps if one had a thin (or no) case, it would work well. Second, and more importantly, it’s annoying to have the USB plugs on the back of the device. If you turn around the device, then the power cord is sticking out 3-4 inches. I’m not sure why they designed it in this manner, except to have their name easily viewable, but I don’t like that part of it.

I received this item at a discounted price for an honest, unbiased review.